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Keyword Tool

Finding products to sell on Amazon is now very easy with the keyword tool... All the keywords you need are now in your hands with the detailed analysis option.

Hot Keywords

Looking for hot and trending products on Amazon? With our Hot Keywords tool, you can follow the hot and trending products on Amazon week by week and take advantage of the deals.


If you want to find the products you want to sell on Amazon and make detailed analysis, this tool is for you. Analyze all aspects of your best competitors with the ASIN Tool.

Emparazon BSR

It is now very easy to find out which are the best selling products on Amazon and which variations of these products are sold the most. In addition, you now have a great tool to facilitate Retail-Online Arbitrage.


It is now very easy to examine and obtain all the performance values, search-sales-ranking trends, from the past to the present, of the keyword you want to examine for Amazon!


You can analyze the best-selling products of your keyword on Amazon and analyze those products in detail with the Ocean tool and examine each of your competitors in detail.


Remember! There is no single keyword for a product. You can find all the keywords of your product and product ideas with the Space tool and use these words in your ads and lists.


Now it is very easy to decide how many products to distribute and with which keywords! With the give-away tool, you can find out the amount of product you will distribute by simply typing your keyword.


Making the list has never been so professional and easy! Make your listing with the best and most accurate keywords

Shipment Calculator

Now you know how many pieces of each product you can fit in which box, which is the most ideal box for your products! Do your shipment and boxes in the most ideal and correct way with this application.

Amazon E-Book (100 pages)

We have prepared a FREE e-book for you called the Amazon Getting Started Guide. Thanks to this book, all our subscribers will have a comprehensive knowledge of the Amazon world and will make a conscious start. Get this book with one click!

Amazon Training (3 total hours)

We have prepared a FREE complete Amazon training for you! In this training, we explain step by step how to make Amazon FBA - Private label, Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage and Wholesale business models!

Amazon Product Research Training

In the FBA Private Label Business Model, we tell you how to find a product with the right steps. What are the most current product research tactics for 2022? Which criteria are important in product analysis? We answer all of these questions within the training!

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