Emparazon | Product Finding and Analysis Program for E-commerce

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Start a New Business in Amazon!

We have prepared a FREE complete Amazon training for you! In this training, we explain step by step how to make Amazon FBA - Private label, Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage and Wholesale business models!

Find The Best Products and Keywords

Find dozens of product ideas in minutes with the most searched keywords on Amazon





Analyze Product and Keywords with Emparazon Chrome Extension.

Find out how many products are sold, get information about monthly turnover and analyze the competition and profit in a few steps

Start Using Extensıon

Plan Your Launch with Giveaway Tool.

Calculate how many products to distribute

with the Giveaway Tool just by typing your keyword.

Other Tools of Emparazon

All of the tools are needed selling on Amazon in one App

Analyze the search volumes of thousands of the most searched keywords on Amazon, and the products that are clicked and sold the most in those keywords with Keyword Tool.

Analyze monthly search volumes of keywords, monthly sales numbers, conversion and click-through rates of the top 3 selling products in those keywords with Timeline Tool.

Analyze all products from the most-selling to the least on Amazon, with which keywords these products are sold with ASIN Tool.

Find all the keywords that products are indexed and analyze your competitors with the Ocean Tool.