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Personal Data Protection Clarification Text

Dear Visitors, Members and Customers,

According to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (KVKK), 'EMPARAZON LLC' (“Company”), as the data controller, has a disclosure obligation (KVKK art. 10), in this context, herewith this text With the processing of your personal data, it is aimed to inform you about your rights as the data owner.

  • You visit the Company's website with the extension (“Site”) (“Online Visitor”), become a member of the Site, purchase a product package on the Site and use the Chrome plug-in,
  • Your acceptance of general and personal campaign notifications through commercial communication channels,
  • Our mutual communication through our communication channels,
  • In case of your participation in campaigns and other events organized by the company

it is aimed to enlighten you about the personal data processing processes.

As a company, we use methods such as cookies, etc. on the Site in order to carry out statistical studies on the use of the Site, to make targeted advertisements/promotions and to provide you with an effective customer experience. For detailed information about cookies, go to '' You can review the cookie policy in the

1. What are our Personal Data Processing Tools and What Personal Data We Process?

If you visit our site;

  • In case you visit our site, we use methods such as cookies on the Site and process your usage (navigation) information on the Site in order to provide you with an effective customer experience by performing statistical studies on your usage, making targeted advertisements/promotions. For information, you can review the cookie policy on ''.

If you are a member of the Site;

  • To realize your membership and to save your member information, to enable member login, to provide information about your membership, to fulfill the requirements of the membership agreement, to log in to the Site without the need to enter all membership information again, and to purchase packages without the need to enter membership information. your name, surname, e-mail address, mobile phone number, log records for the purpose of transaction security,
  • In addition, if you save it to be used when you want to purchase packages on the Site as a member, additionally your address information,
  • User ID information as it is automatically assigned during membership,
  • Your purchase (date and content) and payment (payment method and payment details) information in order to provide you with the service of viewing your package purchase history as a member,
  • Name, surname, gender, optionally in order to update the information you will provide to the Company during the membership process or through other channels and/or to ensure that the information you will change later is also updated for the information you have given regarding all your memberships (Site) and to fulfill our obligation to keep your personal data up-to-date. if you choose to share it, your date of birth, e-mail address, mobile phone number, User ID information automatically assigned by the system when you become a member of the Site,
  • Providing you with special opportunities and offers according to your site membership and the package you purchased, creating general or personalized campaigns and advertisements, organizing campaigns and other events, segmentation, profiling, reporting, marketing and analysis studies, 's advertisements and marketing/communication activities (notifications on the Site, pop-up display, personalized offers, customizing user screens, surveys, etc.), efforts to improve customer experience and strategic planning, analysis and business development regarding operational processes name, gender, e-mail address, mobile phone number, if you optionally share, date of birth, province, district, demographic information, approaches to in-site notifications/surveys/offers/campaigns, habits, behaviors, search movements, segments , past purchases, cookie records, cookie and advertising identifier/ID information and device ID, usage time, computer version information, communication preferences, purchase amount, payment methods/channels and preferences, bank information where the payment is made, brand, model, technical specification, operating system information regarding the device used, and We process your survey responses data.

If you buy a package from the site;

  • Name, signature, e-mail address in order to carry out the shopping transaction and fulfill the requirements of the distance sales contract, to arrange and send the e-invoice / e-archive invoice related to your shopping, and to provide after-sales support services in case you purchase a package as a member on the site, mobile phone number, address, log records of your purchase and your IP address,
  • In case you purchase a package using a discount code, in addition to standard purchases, you can use your discount code usage information, purchase history data with the discount code, if your purchase amount is above the legally determined amount, or to fulfill our legal obligations upon request. T.C. that you shared to be included in the invoice. Your Identity Number data,
  • If the purchase is made with a credit/debit card, your credit/debit card information (first 4 and last 4 digits, expiration date, score, bank and card type information to which the card belongs) data in order to collect the payment,
  • If the purchase is made by Wire Transfer/EFT method, your name and surname, the bank information where the transaction was made, and your information on the receipt if shared,

In case you allow commercial communication to the Company through any channel;

  • In case you give commercial communication permission/explicit consent to the Company through any channel, through the channels you choose within the scope of general or special personalized campaigns, advantages, product and service promotions, survey studies, customer satisfaction applications, advertisements, notifications, marketing activities carried out by the Company ( We process your name and surname, mobile phone number, e-mail address, log registration information and your signature if you carry out your commercial communication permission transactions from the store for the purpose of carrying out commercial communication activities (SMS, e-mail, etc.) and forwarding our invitations for campaigns and other events.

If you contact us through our Communication Channels;

  • If you contact us via e-mail, Site, telephone, social media and similar channels (“Our Communication Channels”), to resolve your requests and complaints and to contact you when necessary, to ensure service / transaction security, to better manage all customer relations processes, Within the scope of activities to follow and report and improve quality standards, name and surname, social media user name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, fixed phone number if shared, legal action information if relevant, your requests and complaints, your request and your complaint. your log records data, other relevant information to be transferred by you depending on your request and complaint,
  • We process all kinds of electronic correspondence to be used as evidence in our works for customer satisfaction and in disputes that may arise between us.

Legal Processes and Internal Activities;

  • To ensure the safety of you, the Company and its employees and other third parties against all possible acts, crimes or behaviors that are contrary to the legislation, to fulfill our obligations arising from the legislation and to fulfill our legal obligations towards authorized/incumbent private or public institutions and organizations, in case of disputes, court, enforcement office All kinds of lawsuits against official institutions and organizations such as the arbitral tribunal, the exercise of the right to reply and objection, the execution of the negotiations and agreement processes regarding the disputes, the delivery of the necessary information to you in case you request information from us or apply within the scope of your legal rights, to prevent the use in violation of the contract and legislation. , to detect suspicious transactions and illegal uses, to perform cancellation transactions, to carry out internal audit and control, reporting, testing and development studies and to improve customer experience, operational time Within the scope of internal strategic planning, analysis and business development studies, name, surname, gender, date of birth if you optionally share, signature and T.R. Identity Number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, address, requests and complaints, purchases, invoices, payment information (first 6 and last 4 digits of Credit/Debit card, payment amount, bank information of the card, reference number), your electronic correspondence records, log records, User ID, IP address, related legal transaction information, and your correspondence and file information regarding dispute processes, if you transact through the Site,
  • In terms of Online Visitors, cookie records (IP address, navigation information, device information (ID) and traffic information are used in order to ensure information processing security and prevent malicious use, carry out activities in accordance with the legislation, and fulfill our other legal obligations towards authorized and responsible public institutions and organizations. data) we process your data.

2. What is Our Method and Legal Reason for Collecting Your Personal Data?

Saving your personal data, the information you provide during your membership through the Site, to our systems, to use a Web application / Google Chrome plug-in and to take action through these channels, to receive all kinds of horses on the Site, collection, transaction, survey, registration, behavioral behavior and transactions in our systems, recording your requests and complaints that you have forwarded to us during mutual communication through our Communication Channels, Company headquarters, and recording information/documents about you from official institutions, organizations and judicial/administrative authorities, recording of your return/inspection processes in the relevant documents. We collect it by non-automatic methods by recording it.

Your personal data;

  • Regarding the establishment of the site membership and the fulfillment of our obligations pursuant to the membership agreement and the sales and after-sales support processes, “It is necessary to process the personal data of the parties to the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract”,
  • Your 'explicit consent' regarding personal data processing and commercial communication activities within the scope of marketing, segmentation and analysis studies within the scope of site membership,
  • Regarding the detection and prevention of suspicious transactions regarding the use of the Site and Web application / Google Chrome plug-in, ensuring transaction security, operations related to operational processes (strategic planning, analysis and business development studies), and our customer relations processes, “data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller. ”,
  • “Fulfilling the legal obligation” and “explicitly stipulated in the laws” regarding our obligations arising from the legislation,
  • Regarding legal disputes, investigations and other judicial/official processes, “data processing and transfer is mandatory for the establishment, exercise or protection of rights”,
  • We collect/process it on the basis of legal reasons that it has been made public by the person concerned.

You can stop the personal data processing processes based on at any time you want and without giving any reason, you can (i) stop the relevant commercial communication by performing the action (rejection) specified in the commercial electronic messages we will send, and/or (ii) terminate your relevant membership by withdrawing your explicit consent for the membership of the Site, thus giving your express consent.

3. To whom and for what purpose do we transfer your personal data?

As a company, we transfer your personal data to third parties only for the purposes specified in this text and in accordance with Articles 8 and 9 of the KVKK. In this context;

  • Your membership is to enable you to use the packages you will purchase regarding the purchase, to provide after-sales support services, to resolve your requests and complaints and to contact you when necessary, information technologies, marketing/advertising/analysis activities or consultancy that requires expertise, etc. with business partners and service providers (electronic message tool service providers, personal data collectors through devices, marketing/advertising/analysis service providers, database and server service providers, infrastructure maintenance and support service providers, legal and financial service providers) in order to obtain their services. consultancy services, e-invoice/e-archive invoice service providers, independent audit service providers, post/cargo/courier, archiving and warehouse service providers) and within the services provided by these companies for the fulfillment of the Company's activities We are transferring it.
  • We transfer the information requested from us to these institutions, organizations and authorities in order to fulfill our obligations to give information, documents and other related obligations to authorized and authorized private or public institutions and organizations, judicial authorities and official institutions / organizations and to use our legal rights such as lawsuit and reply rights.
  • For the purposes of monitoring and detecting suspicious transactions and preventing unlawful transactions, we transfer them to our suppliers, from whom we receive consultancy services, and to payment institutions regarding the relevant transaction, when necessary.
  • We transfer it to our suppliers within the scope of activities related to increasing visitor traffic on the Site.
  • If you make your payment with a credit/debit card, your credit/debit card information is provided by the relevant bank, electronic payment institution, etc. without being recorded by the Company. We transfer it to third parties providing the service.

4. What are your rights under KVKK?

Your requests within the scope of Article 11 of the KVKK regarding your personal data processed by the company are; You can always forward it to the addresses below using your signature or your e-mail address that you have previously notified to the Company and registered in our system.

Data Controller: EMPARAZON LLC.

Email: [email protected]

Address: 30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan, WY 82801 US